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Surveal is a Belgian nutraceuticals company, founded in 2011, specializing in developing and manufacturing premium-quality dietary supplements for a variety of lifestyle-enhancing purposes and a range of nutraceutical hygiene and cosmetic products. Continuous perfection of our products is a key driver of our business, as is our determination to constantly increase their safety and efficacy, backed by the highest production standards.

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‘I have been prescribing Foladin since its introduction in Malta. I prescribe it to pregnant patients and to those planning a pregnancy. Am extremely satisfied with its efficacy and with its lack of side effects.’

Dr Patricia Sciberras / General Practitioner

‘I have been using Cardiozym ever since it was launched. It is particularly useful in young patients to avoid long term statin exposure and in patients who cannot tolerate statins due to side effects. The results are extremely encouraging with up to 50 percent reduction in LDL.’

Dr Robert Sciberras / Internal Medicine

‘I prescribe magnetrex regularly to pregnant patients complaining of cramps as well as non-pregnant ones complaining of low mood and lethargy. The feedback is very good and the side effect profile is favourable. I am very happy with this product overall.’

Dr Olivia Anne Cassar / Gynecologist

‘’My experience with Celine was very good. It is a very good product especially for PCOS. My last experience was with a young lady who had PCOS for many years. So we started the therapy with 2 tabs in the morning and 2 in the evening for 3 months and she came back pregnant. I recommend Celine as a first line product for PCOS.’’

Dr Irene Chartomantzidou / Gynecologist

‘’After 3 months of using Cardiozym in patients with high LDL, the results were amazing. The number of total Cholesterol and of triglycerides was reduced at 30%. Therefore, if the patients are happy with Cardiozym then I am happy so I will continue to suggest Cardiozym in patients with high LDL or high triglycerides.’’

Dr Andri Hadjisavva / General Practitioner

‘’I am using Cyclofert male in men that have problem with the sperm. After using Cyclofert male for 3 to 6 months 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening helped all the parameters of the sperm. After a sperm diagram I could see a better morphology in the sperm, higher number and a better movement.’’

Dr Antonis Antoniou / Urologist

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