Surveal is a Belgian nutraceuticals company, founded in 2011, that is specialized in developing and manufacturing premium quality dietary supplements for a variety of lifestyle-enhancing purposes, as well as a range of nutraceutical hygiene and cosmetic products. Continuous perfection of our products is a key driver of our business, as is our determination to constantly increase their safety and efficacy, backed by the highest production standards.

Surveal offers in-depth consultation as well as comprehensive and customized services in the scientific field, from initial product conception to product development and industrialization through to the creation of international registration dossiers.

Our specialist field is the development and commercialisation of innovative nutraceutical products that are targeted to meet the specific needs of our diverse range of customers.

High productivity, top quality and a full range of technology are the hallmarks that we provide our agents and distributors working in this field, creating value both in terms of profitability and customer satisfaction. Our industrial production relies on a high level of expertise throughout the entire value chain and pharmaceutical process.