The Blossoms Of Conception

Fertility is dependent on age, but it is equally affected by modifiable factors such as diet, weight, smoking, alcohol, or taking illegal substances. Diet is just as important during the conception stages as it is during embryonic development. ​

A varied and balanced diet guarantees an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals that contribute to an egg’s potential to be fertilized. A woman who wishes to become pregnant requires an adequate intake of zinc and B vitamins. However, there is not always a sufficient intake of these micronutrients. Surveal Laboratoires has taken care to combine zinc and B vitamins into its Cyclofert Female™️ to help you meet your daily requirements.​

It is important for women who want to have a baby to consume enough folate and zinc prior to conception as they play a role in the process of cell division and contribute to normal fertility and reproduction.​

Presentation: Box of 60 capsules​

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