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Be Ready For Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is usually accompanied by increased requirements of nutrients for the mother’s increased needs as well as the baby’s ones. Pregnant women develop anemia during their pregnancy mainly due to hemodilution. An increase in iron intake is often very helpful in improving the situation.

Also, requirements in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are increased in the mother. These constitute a source of energy and improve the pregnancy outcome in terms of miscarriage and preterm labor. On another hand, the mother constitutes a storage for EPA and DHA (main constituents of omega-3 fatty acids) and transfers them to the fetus for a good development of the baby’s brain and retina.​

Iodine plays a role in keeping normal levels or thyroid hormone in the pregnant woman. This contributes to normal physiological and mental development of the fetus and prevents biological and developmental abnormalities in the born baby.

Folic acid is well established in the prevention guidelines of fetal development. Folic acid and its active form L methyl-folate are especially important for prevention of neural tube defects.​

Foladin™️ is especially formulated to provide the required nutrients to the mother to become during her pregnancy journey.​

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