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Morning Sickness Comfort

Pregnancy causes many hormonal changes. Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (NVP), known as morning sickness, are common complaints. NVP can have a significant impact on jobs, activities, family relationships and moods. NVP are common in pregnancy, affecting up to 70% to 85% of pregnant women. The feeling of fatigue is also normal in early pregnancy.​

Prescription drugs are usually avoided in early pregnancy due to concern for potential teratogenic effect. There is increasing interest in alternative management.

Nosadin™️ is specially designed for pregnant women, it is a food supplement containing ginger and vitamin B6. Ginger is a natural asset that participates in the normal functioning of the stomach, especially in early pregnancy. It thus reduces feelings of nausea during this period. While vitamin B6 reduces fatigue and regulate hormonal activity.​

Presentation: Boxes of 30 capsules​

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