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A Balanced Microbiota

Natural intestinal flora can be modified due to various circumstances (pregnancy, travel, stress, medication consumption – especially the consumption of antibiotics, etc.). Alteration of the intestinal flora can also have a detrimental effect on intestinal function.​

In cases of mild to moderate acute diarrhea or vomiting, infants and children rapidly lose fluids, salts and essential nutrients. The balance of the natural bacterial flora can also be disturbed. ​Orsalac™️ is a food supplement containing lactic ferments, Zinc, Sodium, Potassium. It is especially indicated for nutritional needs in case of diarrhea, by ensuring optimal absorption of water and electrolytes and restoring the balance of salts and fluids. Orsalac™️ contains these microorganisms, along with Zinc that contributes to normal functioning of the immune system ​

Presentation: 8 packets ​

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