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Having a gentle cleansing routine each day is an important aspect of intimate hygiene and overall intimate health. Because the intimate area has a particular environment, it needs special care. The genital area has a specific pH (acidic) to protect the microbiome’s natural balance. Washing with regular soaps and shower gels can lead to a pH imbalance, making you more prone to vaginal infections. It is important to have an appropriate hygiene routine to maintain and strengthen the physiological defense mechanisms of the genital area.  ​

Vagiderm™️ is an ideal daily intimate hygiene gel. Its composition is based on mallow extract or Malva Sylvestris known for its softening, and soothing properties ​

Vagiderm™️ soap-free formulation is suitable for all types of skin including sensitive and irritated skin. It gently cleanses and limits the risk of skin irritation, promising optimal intimal skin care and comfort.​

Vagiderm™️ pH 4.8 is compatible with the physiological pH of the vaginal flora and respects the delicate balance of your intimate area.​

Vagiderm™️ is tested under gynecological control and is suitable in pregnancy and for all ages 3 years old plus.​

Presentation: Bottle of 250 ml

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